Once upon a time there was a sultan who was so greedy it made him sick. He kept to his bed, all day, every day. He had all a man could wish for. However he did not feel any better. Until the day a wise emir came by and gave him a tulip bulb, telling him its beauty would cure him.

This story was the inspiration for this modern version of a tulipvase. The mathematical formula of the growth of seeds, buds and flowers is what gives them their amazing and healing beauty. For centuries people studied the beauty of nature in order to be able to reproduce it. The research for this vase includes amongst others the sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence and fractal studies. From this I extracted a formula to recreate this beauty that is found in nature and give it my own shape. This vase is the result and is called “The emir’s gift”

Features: 40 x 15 cm

Material: Copper, Earthenware

Photo: Sam Walravens